Lasting Power of Attorney

Choosing someone you trust to make important decisions.

Having a Power of Attorney in place is something we believe to be essential when planning for the future. It allows you to decide who will handle your affairs and make important decisions should you become unable to.

Taking control of your future

By nominating someone to make decisions on your welfare and finance you are ensuring that there is no uncertainty or hassle for your loved ones should there ever be a time it is needed.

Without a Power of Attorney, they may have to go to court to get the authority to act on your behalf. This can be time consuming and costly. By setting this up now, you are making things simpler for the future.

What does it cover?

Health & Welfare

Making decisions on anything from care issues and consent for medical treatment to where you should live.

Property & Finance

Paying bills and looking after your money.

With a Power of Attorney from Joel Kerr Funerals, you can choose to cover either one or both types outlined above at no additional cost. Simply let us know what type of Power of Attorney you require and when you would like it to take effect. You are in control of what you want to happen.

How it works

1. Arrange the Power of Attorney to be set up while you still have capacity

2. Choose the person you’d like to be your attorney

3. Decide when you’d like the attorney to act – right away or only if you lose capacity

4. Register the Power of Attorney with the Office of the Public Guardian – Joel Kerr Funerals can do this for you meaning there is nothing further for you to do

Did you know?

Joel Kerr Funerals is one of only a few companies which offers a full Lasting Power of Attorney service, including registering the documents with the Office of the Public Guardian.


Your Lasting Power of Attorney is not valid until it is registered with the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG). It cannot be registered after loss of capacity.